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"Unique Kid's Bedroom Furniture"
Any Dresser or Armoire to fit into any child's room

Castle Dressers & Armoires

A Emily Dresser to match the Emily Bunk Bed

Emily Dresser

Kid's desk designed to match our Emily bunk bed and other kid's furniture

Emily Desk

A wide selection of unique and interesting bunk beds

Other Kids Beds & Furniture

"Dressers & Armoires & More – Oh, My!"

Where would you go to find (50) select styles in dressers and armoires?

To MyMoondrops, of course! We offer dressers, armoires and more. Oh, my, indeed! Combination dressers, chest of drawers, dressers in all shapes and sizes, armoires so beautiful you'll want one in every room, high boys that work hard and bookcases that take your breath away…did we mention the wide range of designs? You'll think your dreams were meant to be answered by Heaven itself when you see how many options we offer.

While we realize that dressers, armoires, chest of drawers and combo dressers need to serve an important purpose – like keeping your child's room tidy, keeping their clothing neat and fresh and providing a place for task lighting and souvenirs – no one ever said they had to be boring. Send your child on a balmy trip to the tropics without ever having to spend a dime on airfare.

The Banana Leaf furniture collection makes any room complete, as well as completely stylish! With an available dresser, armoire, 5-drawer chest and 7-drawer chest you'll have all the storage space you child's room needs and will feel like you've escaped on a mini-vacation each time you go to put something away. Which, we're guessing, will soon become multiple times a day!

Let MyMoondrops dresser, drawer and armoire options help you and your child create a statement. The easy to incorporate and visually appealing Treasure line features classic styling, can survive an endless combination of room makeovers and is available in Antique Black, Denim, Butter and Red Spice finishes. With a 3-drawer chest, a 6-drawer chest and a wardrobe what more could you want? Pirate's gold is, unfortunately, not included. But the opportunity for creating golden memories is!

How about a dash of whimsy with your bedroom furniture?

Castle dressers and armoires, the ever popular Emily line, the Bunny in the Garden armoire and the Florentine and Nursery Rhyme combo dresser and changing tables will enchant and delight both you and your child, no matter how young at heart either of you might be!

From the "ever so" Classic 4-drawer chest and stately Classic armoire to the upbeat color and contemporary design of the Edisto 8-drawer chest, we know you will always be impressed with the high quality craftsmanship and imaginative detailing that goes into creating all of the bedroom furniture MyMoondrops offers.

Nature lovers flock around the Large Apache armoire, Rangoon armoire, Patagonia hutch and dresser combo and Steamer line pieces. Seaside, Riverside, Cottage and Plantation – how could anyone ask for more? MyMoondrops has what you're looking for. Enjoy!

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